Ted Gerber
Ted Gerber
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As an organizational development consultant, executive coach, trainer and team facilitator since 1989, Ted Gerber has worked with organizations in the United States, Europe, Africa, Canada and Latin America.

Ted’s unique skills are based on over thirty years of experience as a executive, consultant, trainer mediator and coach.  This has enabled him to assist executives to be more effective leaders by increasing their ability to negotiate, manage conflict and influence others more effectively.   Ted has coached line and staff executives, facilitated strategic planning sessions and off site retreats as well as delivered training programs in such areas as negotiations, conflict management, leadership, sales, team alignment, influencing and effective coaching skills.

Ted has had a variety of business and professional experiences, which has enabled him to assist businesses, teams and executives in meeting their objectives.  These have included:

Nineteen years as a mediator, for the NY Public Employment Relations Board and the NJ Public Employment Relations Commission.  In that capacity he mediated and negotiated over 1500 contract disputes.  He has also applied these skills in many sales negotiations as well as in assisting executives and managers in resolving difficult conflicts and issues within their organizations.

Ted’s experience also included a leadership role as US Country Manager with Krauthammer International, a European based leadership development and training company.  He was US Country Manager for that organization for five years and both sold and delivered leadership training programs in the US and Europe as well as managing a team of trainers.   

Senior Partner in Decision Processes International, a global strategy consulting firm, which focused on assisting corporations in defining and repositioning their business strategies.  In that capacity he both sold and delivered strategy processes for corporations both in the US and globally. 

Ted has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois and a B.S Degree in Business Administration and Economics from SUNY Albany and has worked with companies in a broad range of industries, including financial services, consumer products, food, pharmaceuticals, technology, utilities, consumer health care, hospitality, government, fragrance and manufacturing etc.

Ted has coached at many levels within these organizations including:

President, Business Unit Leaders, CFO, General Counsel, Senior Vice Presidents of Sales, Marketing, Operations, R&D, Finance, IT, etc.


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