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With over 30 years experience piloting technology, telecom, and financial services businesses into new markets we have produced a $3.5M profit for IBM, generated a $22M revenue increase for AT&T Wireless, and built new product offerings for Internet businesses. We have worked extensively with the CEOs of several start-ups to devise new channel strategies and sales programs, which doubled their monthly recurring revenues. We have worked with the executives of emerging tech businesses to successfully design and launch their company’s sales and marketing efforts, including recruiting key executives. Our financial network has also been responsible for capitalizing several online technology and business process start-ups.

Corporate Ladders has helped companies complete initiatives to expand internationally, energize sales, identify new distribution channels, cultivate strategic relationships, increase top-line revenues, and boost the bottom line. We know that the business models venture capitalists usually invest in often have multiple stakeholders (founders, investors, management, and employees) and require an experienced hand and deft maneuvering to work with each of these constituencies.

Corporate Ladders specifically helps venture capital firms in Five Key areas:

  1. Vetting the business operations of new potential portfolio investments.
  2. Identifying and implementing sales and sales support organizations.
  3. Building marketing organizations designed for effective lead generation.
  4. Evaluating the efficacy of management in existing investments.
  5. Acting as interim CEO/SVP while positioning a portfolio business for sale or acquisition.

As your portfolio companies continue to grow and expand, our experience could be invaluable to help broaden their footprint both domestically and internationally. Tell us how we can apply our expertise to help make your investment portfolio grow.

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