Business Development

What exactly is Business Development?
For some firms, business development means sales.  For others it is strictly akin to marketing, branding, and name recognition.  In our view anything that you or your people do that affects a current or potential customer is business development. Every person that draws a paycheck from your business has a role in business development. Whether that person is actively soliciting orders and delivering services or playing a passive role like billing and accounting, everyone has a part to play in business development. Business development is not a one time thing it is an all the time thing. It is an organization-wide sense of pride and responsibility that embodies a “once a customer always a customer” approach to providing excellence.
However, despite best efforts to make them so, today’s companies cannot be all things to all people. It is important to focus on your business’s core strengths and seek any additional resources required to complete the job through outsourcing. Outsourcing allows businesses to secure and pay for only those services required to complete a task. The use of outsourcing enables your business the benefit of securing world class talent on a fixed time and fixed cost basis. Let us know what your business needs. 

Strategic Alliances

In the new millennium, strategic alliances are one of the keys to success. Strategic alliances allow businesses to join forces and share technology, resources, business processes, and people for a common goal. Strategic alliances come in all types, sizes, and levels of sophistication.

Strategic alliances are likely to make sense when businesses have similar interests that would benefit from aligning with one another to create a Win-Win situation. One company may have a product or service to sell while another company has access to a key market. Each benefits from the strength of the other and together they both win more.

For example, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as a cable provider may be interested in forming a strategic alliance with a company such as who is interested in selling products over the Internet. The cable company provides a terrific high speed network with millions of subscribers but does not sell books. offers terrific products and excellent distribution capability but needs access to a large audience of prospective customers. This type of situation presents an excellent opportunity for a strategic alliance between these businesses.

A strategic alliance between these companies creates a potential win-win situation – each business gains from the alliance and stands to benefit more as a partner than as an independent.

The emergence of the Internet has made the global marketplace for goods and services a reality. Partner arrangements and strategic alliances exist today worldwide for smart companies seeking to grow and improve their business. Whether your potential partners are on the other side of town or the other side of the world, Corporate Ladders can help you find, secure, and develop those relationships. Let us work with you to find ways we can help your business.


When your clients require certain goods and services that are not part of your core service offerings try partnering. Partnering is an excellent way to broaden your company’s offerings without adding additional head count. Partnering is particularly effective when responding to large bids and requests for proposal. Also, it is important to develop a list of trusted partners prior to needing them.

Sourcing partners for all current requirements and creating a team of “ready now” partners allows your business to respond quickly when an opportunity presents itself. Sales and marketing partners should be under master contracts and should only require a signed addendum to be ready to go. There are myriad partners and partnerships available depending on your situation. Why not let Corporate Ladders work with you to identify and develop the right partners for your business?



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