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Perhaps your business has reached a point where people matters and human resources occupies a good part of your day.

Dealing with employees takes time and must always be done with an eye toward fairness and compliance with employment law. When companies begin to grow they hire more employees. These new employees need to be managed and motivated to build your business and add value.  Hiring additional people sometimes requires management to spend a disproportionate amount of their time managing people issues and not their business. Occasionally this is caused by a lack of understanding of how the company operates.

  • Do you have a policy on sexual harassment?
  • How about personal use of computers and email?
  • What is your overtime policy?  Do you pay it?  Should you pay it?

If you don’t have answers to these questions your business may be at risk and it may be time to develop a Human Resource Manual. In addition to freeing up management to run the business, a Human Resource Manual will define employment policy and procedures, outline benefit programs, and assure employees are treated fairly and equitably to keep you and your business out of trouble.



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