Your Marketing Strategy

Every company needs a solid brand, good reputation, quality products, and effective lead generation to achieve success. But every business is different and to build value into those differences requires good marketing.

“The type of marketing that is right for your business depends on multiple factors.”

Key questions need to be answered such as:
How mature is your business? 
What types of products and services do you offer? 
What markets are right for your products?
What are your prospects and clients buying right now and what will they need next?
What are the value propositions that resonate with your targeted audience? 
Who is your competition?

Since each of our clients is a different point in their business evolution they each have unique needs. Our experience shows that marketing requirements for most businesses can be met by one of three methods. Practical, Strategic or Tactical - each of these approaches provides a framework flexible enough to adjust to our client’s needs.

  • Practical Marketing

    Practical Marketing support is a project based resource providing general purpose business marketing. Our approach is a highly regarded resource for start-ups and small
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  • Strategic Marketing

    Strategic marketing is the complete approach to bringing the company’s products and services to market. The strategic plan is the “what we are going
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  • Tactical Marketing

    The tactical marketing plan is the “how we are going to do it” part of the plan. Tactical marketing plans come in all shapes
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