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btobTo successfully market your products to business customers requires an in-depth understanding of the buying process, market dynamics, and distribution channels required. Business customers are interested in ways to improve their business such as: boost sales, increase revenues, or improve employee productivity. Your company may offer terrific products – in fact, they may be the perfect choice for your prospects - but if the prospect doesn’t understand the benefits your product provides to their business, they will probably never buy from you. In short, business customers buy solutions – not products!

How often have you heard that competition was cheaper and you lost the business? Corporate Ladders has a track record of success and the experience necessary to help build your business into a B to B sales powerhouse. Corporate Ladders shows how learning about your prospects enables you to present a customized approach to meet their exact requirements. How great would it be if when you presented your proposal, your solution was the only logical choice for the prospect? Even better - suppose your solution did not need to be the lowest priced.

 Well, we have been involved with hundreds of sales where we weren’t the lowest price. We have presented pricing that was 5% - 10% - even 20% more expensive than competition and still won the business.

Why? Because our solution was the right solution and we were able to convince our prospect of its value.

Far too often, prospects are overwhelmed by a blur of buzz words, features, industry jargon, and options.  Often they decide what to buy strictly based upon price, simply because price was the only criteria they thought they understood enough to compare. When you convince your prospect that your solution is the best value for them, price no longer becomes the most important decision making criteria.

Corporate Ladders’ approach to B to B sales uses a combination of practical steps and our own proven techniques. We’ve helped others build their business and we can help build yours too.

  • B to B

    Business to Business

    btob To successfully market your products to business customers requires an in-depth understanding of the buying process, market
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