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btogThe government and the public sector buy billions of dollars in goods and services from private business each year. Government prospects make very good customers, buying fairly by using a predefined list of criteria to “level the field” in buying decisions and always paying their bills. But selling to state, county or local government is very different than commercial or consumer sales.

Often, government sales must be awarded based upon a public solicitation (Bid Spec.) or request for proposal (RFP) to provide products or services. The bidder’s response to a solicitation is usually in the form of a prepared bidder format or a vendor proposal. Two of the most common formats for evaluating bids are:

Lowest Responsible Bid – the lowest bid in combination with other criteria best meeting the bid specifications.Lowest Bid – the lowest bid in total dollars submitted for the solicitation.

There is a difference between these two types of government bids and understanding the situation can mean the difference between responding to and winning government contracts or spending countless hours to complete the bid and being summarily dismissed.

Have you ever wondered where the expertise to prepare these bid specs originates?
Often the same vendors providing the products and services have played a role in shaping the Bid Spec. Helping define and shape the Bid Spec. is good salesmanship and smart business.

Corporate Ladders has successfully sold products for the public sector into state, county, and local governments. We have been successful in writing bid specs and providing training to sales professionals interested in developing business in these markets worldwide. If you think the public sector may be a good market for your business, give us a call.  We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and work together with you to build success in this secure and lucrative marketplace.

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