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Its all about leveraging the program.


In today’s markets most businesses task their sales organizations to grow top line revenues. But how you do that with smaller expense budgets and compressed timeframes is the challenge? In short – the answer is Leverage! Thinking back to physics class you learned about the power of leverage - using something smaller to produce larger results. So it makes sense applying leverage to your sales efforts to help drive more revenues with fewer resources. The key to winning is creating sales channel partner programs that work. One needs to look no further than Cisco or Hewlett-Packard to recognize their overwhelming success would not have been possible without effective indirect sales channel programs.

Corporate Ladders knows all successful sales channel partner programs have the same qualities – they meet the needs of your partners and helps them grow. The process starts by combining a well designed program with attentive support, which provides the right solutions for the marketplace. Channel partners want a program that supplies all the tools necessary to launch and operate the business including sales materials, support people, superior customer care, and a lucrative compensation plan that always pays commissions on time.

Selling through channels is different than selling direct and businesses embarking on building an indirect channel program for the first time benefit from expert guidance to avoid creating programs that “miss the mark” and don’t meet the expectations of partners. Corporate Ladders has built, redesigned, and rejuvenated indirect sales channel programs for a variety of businesses.

Our experience has shown us that a well researched and well designed program increases the probability for success. When Corporate Ladders designs your program you’ll get just that - a well thought out program that includes the following:

Developing Market Strategy 
• Identifying Targeted Best Customers
• Determining Potential Partners
• Territory Planning
• Competitive Landscape Analysis

Program Design and Structure 
• Developing Enhanced Value Propositions
• Creating New Sales Presentations
• Collateral Development & Partner Website
• Partner Support Resource Planning
• Compensation Plans and Incentives

• Establishing Distribution Relationships
• Recruitment of Channel Partners
• Recruiting, Hiring and Training Resources to Manage Program

Ongoing Support 
• Sales Calls
• Media Campaigns
• Trade Shows
• New Product Development

If you are considering ways to leverage your resources and are thinking about building an indirect sales channel, let Corporate Ladders help. Maybe you already have a sales channel program that isn’t performing up to expectations and needs a fresh perspective or some help to get it back on track – we’re happy to help there too.


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