When times are tough, one of the first areas to fall victim to cutbacks is training.  It is an unfortunate reality but it happens quite frequently, even in business development with organizations worldwide.  The new training scenario now goes something like this - a person is recruited, compensation is negotiated, they are hired, and the new employee attends a company orientation program to learn the benefits and complete the requisite forms.  Next, this new person spends part of the first day or two day with their manager and then starts training by "shadowing" another employee.  The "shadowing" continues for a week or sometimes even less and this new hire is pronounced "ready to go."  Then out into the marketplace they go.  Training over!

Perhaps that sounds like something similar to your Business development training.  Maybe your company once had a different approach and at one time offered great training before economic conditions forced the change.

Focused training that elevates the skill sets of business developers is essential in today's competitive world.  When businesses recruit new employees, emphasis is placed on finding individuals with solid educational backgrounds from good schools and with relevant degrees.  But what happens to the emphasis on that education after the person joins the company?  Well, depending on the situation it varies.

Many businesses are just getting back to recognizing how important training is to success, particularly in business development.  You would not allow an untrained computer technician to work on your corporate information systems.  But would you buy from an untrained business development person? Probably not, but how would you know?

Well you probably would not buy from an untrained business developer simply because during the engagement process they would have appeared less knowledgeable than a trained salesperson from another supplier.  This person may have told you all about their product and never asked you about your business and your needs.  They were simply order takers not a purveyor of solutions.

A well-trained business development person knows how to listen and how ask questions; they are expert in their products and understand how they solve client problems.  Well-trained person understands their value and easily communicates value to prospects and clients.  They are genuine, supportive, responsive, and are an indispensable resource for their prospects and clients.  More importantly, the price of the product or service becomes less important to a prospect that sees its value and understands how that value can translate into solving a problem or providing a better business solution for their business.  Whether your company has inside or outside business development people; basic, intermediate or advanced; in any industry we can help.

Corporate Ladders' team is certified in multiple sales training programs including;

  • Professional Selling Skills I & II
  • Power Base Selling
  • SPIN Selling
  • Miller Heiman Strategic Selling
  • Miller Heiman Large Account Management (LAMP)
  • Dale Carnegie

We offer several standard and customized training programs to meet your needs.  Depending upon your business, Corporate Ladders will customize our solutions based selling and value added sales training programs to your specifications.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your business situation and training requirements.  Please call or email and let us know how we can help.


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