Tune Up

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, sales results are “hit and miss.” Sales teams making their numbers one month and missing them the next, makes quarterly performance as predictable as the weather and accurate forecasting almost impossible. Corporate Ladders has experience working with sales organizations of all sizes and complexity. Often the problems with sales people, teams or entire organizations can be diagnosed with our Sales Tune Up program. Our Sales Tune Up starts with an initial review with sales team management and is followed by a 10 step overview of the sales process.

Corporate Ladders looks at:

  • Sales Channels
  • Lead Generation Methods
  • Collateral Review
  • CRM System Usage
  • Sales Cycle
  • Sales Calls
  • Proposal Review
  • Sales Quality Check
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Forecasting

Call or email and tell us about how we can help with your sales needs.Corporate Ladders will learn your business quickly, assess the situation, and communicate our recommendations. No “cookie cutter” solution will ever be provided by Corporate Ladders. Upon completion of our review, Corporate Ladders will meet with management to provide a plan with outlining suggestions and recommendations for immediate action. Our action plans provide “real” steps and suggestions to address your company’s sales needs. The recommendations we provide are customized for your business and include over 30 year’s experience, current market conditions, and your unique organizational situation.



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