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Accounting Business Development Successfully Climbing the Networking Ladder By Bill Taylor II, Corporate Ladders You already know that networking is an integral part of building your accounting practice and book of business.  It helps build your personal brand, provides a source of potential leads and referrals, and well you are expect to.  But suppose I told you that you have been doing this networking thing wrong the whole time?  That in your stacks of business cards there could be a potential goldmine of business opportunities you may have overlooked.  Upon reflecting, you may ask yourself “How did I miss that...
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Working with accounting professionals, a common challenge we often encounter is a CPA's inability to secure an engagement and their frustration of not understanding why this happens. Analyzing these situations has led us to uncover that one of the main reasons for not securing an engagement is a fear of climbing! While acrophobia is the fear of heights, "climbaphobia" is our word for the fear of going higher up in the client's organization to reach the ultimate decision maker. This fear is responsible for many lost dollars and in this article we examine how "climbaphobia" negatively impacts securing new business for...
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One of the keys to success for companies is choosing the right person for the job. Selecting the right people greatly improves your chances for success-whether you are building a CPA practice, staffing a client team or climbing Mt. Everest. I recently finished reading a book entitled "Undaunted Courage" about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Most everyone can recall learning about Lewis and Clark in high school. Not much was written about Lewis and Clark before the expedition, and it is rarely mentioned that they were handpicked by President Thomas Jefferson. The book details the expedition and describes the qualifications of...
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How many times have you heard someone say, “Mind your own business?” For accountants, especially in these economic times, that just may be sage advice. We have seen many practitioners get so wrapped up “in their practice,” they never seem to spend any time working “on their practice,” often leading to missed opportunities, errors and sub-par results. While it is easy for professionals to get caught up in the daily ins and outs of their practice, especially in smaller firms, finding a good balance is key. That is not to say you should not focus a substantial part of your energies...
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Will your answer surprise you? When you speak with potential clients for the very first time, they are often looking for reasons to either qualify or disqualify you for the engagement. Throughout the conversation, the client’s criteria checklist is continually consulted and reviewed. Client criteria lists take many forms; they may be written or reside purely in the client’s mind, but one by one the key criterion are evaluated as “qualified,” “not qualified” or “unsure.” As topics, concepts, situations and/or experiences are discussed and reviewed, the client determines whether your approach resonates with him and if more information is needed to make a decision.  Listen to yourself ... who do you sound like? This...
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