Sr. Accountants and Managers

Sr. Accountants and Managers

Introduction to Business Development

In Intro to Business Development we examine the fundamentals including what business development is and why it is important not only for firm growth, but for professional growth as well.  Attendees will learn about the sales funnel and how to develop and manage a robust pipeline of quality prospects.  We will walk through the various steps of the sales process starting with prospecting and leading all the way to closing and follow-up repeat sales.  This course is a great precursor to Business Development for Accounting Professionals.

Next Generation Leaders - (Millennial Management Training)*

In 2015 the Millennial generation surpassed Generation-X to become the largest share of the American workforce and over the coming years some Millennials will find themselves managing older workers.  The transition from a role as a staff accountant to becoming the supervisor of accountants can be one of the most challenging transitions in one’s career.  At first, it just does not feel quite right since these new leaders must learn how to balance managing others and managing their own time. 

In Next Generation Leaders, Corporate Ladders focuses on helping Millennials to lead a multi-generational workforce including both younger and older workers, some of whom may be resentful of that fact.  We will help your professionals learn how to become “Accounting Entrepreneurs” and build their practice as CPA’s by taking a personal interest in the success of the firm and the colleagues on their team.  The program identifies and provides the tools and concepts necessary to begin the journey toward becoming a highly effective Leader and developing a strong team of supporters.  This program also addresses topics such as delegating, motivating a team, and transiting from the supervised to the supervisor, which are all essential to becoming a future leader.

*This program may include additional coaching session.  

Management Training - Leadership, Coaching and Performance Management* 

Becoming a Manager is often the first major transitionary stage in the accounting profession, as it requires changing the mindset from doer to leader.  As a leader, one of the most important responsibilities is to develop people and coach them to perform at their highest level.  In doing so, your staff will be empowered to make better decisions, creatively solve problems that are holding them back, learn new skills, and position themselves for further career advancement.  Corporate Ladders’ Leadership, Coaching and Performance Management program provides the necessary training and essential skill building required to get Managers on the path toward becoming an effective leader and coach.  Topics such as trust building, delegating, motivating, and providing timely feedback are discussed and reviewed.   

*This program may include additional coaching session.  

Future Leaders Management Bootcamp* 

Future Leaders Management Bootcamp begins with a 363° Leadership Assessment with input provided by a combination of peers, Partners, and (future) direct reports.  The Leadership Assessment will help to identify your future leaders’ greatest strengths and areas for improvement based on feedback provided from colleagues.  This approach is especially useful for individual development planning, leadership training, and team building.  The assessment will be followed by a one month intensive “boot camp” which will cover all of the topics included in leadership training and will also impart the essential skills and best practices needed to become a successful leader, develop and coach a team, and become an accounting entrepreneur.  Once the foundational skills have been learned, we will continue the engagement with a series of one-on-one confidential coaching sessions designed to remediate any challenge areas, reinforce knowledge, and add an additional level of accountability to ensure success. 

*This program includes several additional coaching sessions.   


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