Sr. Managers and Partners

Sr. Managers and Partners

Business Development for Accounting Professionals*

Business Development for Accounting Professionals is our signature program.  It provides proven techniques to help your professionals effectively increase revenues and assure client satisfaction.  Our program has been developed using the insights and attributes of over twenty-five top business development and sales training programs all specializing in selling complex, solution oriented products and services, with new client acquisition and client retention at the core of our program.  While new client acquisition is our specialty, it goes hand-in-hand with becoming a “Trusted Advisor” to clients.  Becoming a trusted advisor enables your professionals to become so entrenched with a client that it would become nearly impossible to leave your firm for another.  Our modules on “Selling on Value” along with the “Vision and Value Match” teach accounting professionals how to move away from fee and price negotiations while actively differentiating themselves from other providers.  However, asking your accountants to do something they are not comfortable doing can often lead to frustration and a false sense of failure.  Creating a “Personal Business Development System” will help your professionals to create and implement a sound personal marketing plan that works for them.

*This program includes two additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions with each participant.

Effective Presentation Skills (Small or Large Group)*

Often times, an excellent presentation can mean the difference between winning and losing a client. Corporate Ladders’ Effective Presentation Skills program will give your professionals the skills necessary to dramatically improve their presentation and public speaking abilities.  We discuss the essential verbal and non-verbal skills needed to deliver a clear and concise message with confidence and handle question and answer sessions effortlessly.  This program will equip each attendee with the ability to develop and support a chosen topic and teach them to control body language, gestures, and eye contact.  It will also help foster an awareness of the audience through effective listening skills, enabling them to handle and address difficult questions.

*This program includes a 1-on-1 videotaped coaching session.   

Creating and Leading a Business Development Centric Firm**

Firm leadership has never been more challenged than in today’s business environment.  Faced with a never-ending cavalcade of regulatory requirements along with a changing economic environment has made the management of CPAs and the business side of firm management more complex than ever before.  In this program, firm leadership with learn about and assess the overall changes to the business and the environment affecting today’s accounting industry.  The concepts discussed will help attendees better adapt to some of these changes and effectively engage in the “new normal” of the business of accounting.

As leaders of the firm, revenue growth is paramount to the firm’s success.  Revenue growth comes largely through the effective and successful business development activities of CPAs in their practice group and the firm in general.  Attendees in this program will learn the key elements of business development required to effectively manage and motivate accountants working under their supervision.  The power of “Coaching” to assist, manage, and motivate staff will be introduced.

**This program is the supervisory complement to “Business Development for Accounting Professionals” and includes one personal, one-on-one coaching session for each participant.



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