Professional Coaching for Accountants

Professional Coaching for Accountants

Behind every successful athlete is a great coach. Whether you are Tiger Woods or Lebron James, there is someone in the background helping to bring out your best and hold yourself accountable. Corporate Ladders provides coaching for executives much in the same way.  Our professional coaches work with you one-on-one to address the professional challenges you face and help you navigate your way to a solution.  Perhaps you are considering a merger or need help closing a new engagement, we can help!  Perhaps it is an employee issue or new strategic direction for the firm, a sounding board may be the answer. 

Coaching builds a collaborative relationship based on trust and we strive to provide an environment in which personal development and performance improvement will occur.  All coaching is conducted in a “safe environment,” following the concepts of client privileged information.  Our coaching is offered in a way that enables you to learn, understand, and grow as a result.  We will always present ourselves in an objective manner that looks for and promotes discovery of possibilities, solutions, and alternatives.  As your coach, we will sometimes seek to stretch you beyond your comfort zone in the hope of leveraging your current capabilities.  We will also look to identify and shore up gaps in attitudes and/or behaviors that impede your personal and professional development.

Using our methodology, we will work to help you to achieve extraordinary performance by focusing on whatever you need to achieve the highest level of success.  Corporate Ladder’s coaches are knowledgeable, discreet and have your best interests in mind...  Your success is our success.


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