Business Development Training & Professional Coaching for Consulting Professionals

Corporate Ladders provides consultants with the tools and skills necessary to build their practice and increase revenues.  Since much of the work of consultants is project based, those clients willing to sign annual retainers for repeat business are highly prized by every consulting firm.  Retaining existing clients and attracting new clients are the main revenue growth challenges facing consulting firms today. Corporate Ladders' proven combination of Business Development Training and Professional Coaching provides consultants with the skills and tools necessary to identify, target, and acquire new clients and expand relationships with current clients.  By embracing and effectively using these skills, consulting professionals will experience improved success with achieving revenue growth objectives.

Case in Point:  A global consulting firm client experienced dramatic increases in business proposal volumes and quality after engaging Corporate Ladders to train and coach their consultants worldwide.

Business Development Training

To assure the training experience is as effective as possible, Corporate Ladders begins the process by researching, reviewing, and evaluating the current business development activities at your firm. We then customize our program materials to match the day-to-day challenges, skill levels, participants, and culture of your firm, while reinforcing both the "trusted advisor" and the "sales" roles that your consulting staff must master to assure success.

Professional Coaching for Consultants

All newly learned skills require practice and repetition and business development is no exception. Good results come from practicing, outside support, and the individual effort each consultant puts forth. Corporate Ladders' program includes professional coaching sessions, which support the individual after their initial training workshop and engages with them one-on-one to implement and monitor their personal plans for success.

These sessions focus on the following:

  • Ways to make time available for business development.
  • Learning to embrace marketing and business development activities.
  • Why this is a critical element to career development within the firm.
  • Developing a systematic approach to selling.
  • Making the most of large group networking events.
  • Ways to bridge personal and social contacts to business-related conversations.

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