Life Sciences

Business is Changing......

New prescription drugs, both branded and generic, over the counter products, vaccines, diagnostic kits and medical devices are just some of the ways this new industry dynamic is presenting itself.  This new way of business is challenging existing sales teams to grow, change, and differentiate themselves.
Life science businesses are challenged to develop an optimum marketing mix for each product, which efficiently reaches multiple interested parties. Patients, health care providers and practitioners, government and third-party payers and the retail, wholesale and distribution supply chain are all members of different audiences with each needing to be reached in a cost effective manner. Meanwhile, traditional sales teams must learn to differentiate themselves while working within the ever-changing FDA and State regulatory guidelines and their associated compliance risks.
Corporate Ladders will help you to position your company to take advantage of this rapidly growing and changing market.  We work with your business to develop new ideas, methods, processes and plans to not merely survive, but to position your company for continued success.  Corporate Ladders will guide your company through the challenge of developing fresh strategic thinking and non-traditional methods which will allow you to achieve rapid market acceptance, top line revenue growth and targeted product market share.
Corporate Ladders will work with your team in developing new methodologies to provide greater value in the marketing, selling and delivery functions of your company’s Life Sciences products.  Often, existing strategies must be reshaped and adapted to accommodate specialty products. Our strategic, proven and practical industry knowledge will provide end-to-end business solutions for your company.  We understand the evolving dynamics facing Life Sciences companies and provide real solutions that get results.  

Business Consulting

Corporate Ladders offers more than traditional consulting firms. We recognize that even the best business plans need to be successfully executed and followed through on to ensure success. We don’t just recommend ways for your business to grow and then step away – we stand by you and provide executive level coaching to guide your company. Corporate Ladders’ Business Coaching will help you achieve your goals by providing ongoing guidance, support and evaluation for as long as you need it. We’ll review your strategies and progress at regular intervals to be sure your company is performing up to its full potential.

Product Marketing

Perhaps you have a product that you are ready to launch or a mature product on the shelf that needs some new life.  At Corporate Ladders, we work with our clients to maximize revenues and yield through an effective use of marketing.  Our efforts helped one pharma client to extend the life of a reasonably dormant product first marketed in the 1960's.  Our team helped with the petitioning to get an unfairly assigned "black box" removed and helped energize sales using a creative approach to include the entire spectrum of stakeholders involved with its use. 


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