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How would your firm survive if your largest client experienced business issues of their own and could no longer pay their bills? If they moved, closed or changed top management and took their business elsewhere? Business development within professional services firms is becoming critical for continued growth as competition for professionals with the proven ability to satisfy clients and bring in new business continues to escalate. Without planning for business development, you leave your firm exposed to unnecessary risk, which can quickly ruin all that you’ve worked to build.
  • Have you assessed your ability to attract new clients?
  • Does your firm have a plan in place for your marketing and business development needs?
  • Are you satisfied with your current business development results?

If you have answered “NO” to any of these questions, Corporate Ladders can help you to maximize your business development initiatives while still maintaining the ongoing successful operation of your firm. Corporate Ladders has developed a Four Step Business Development Solution targeted to the unique needs of professional services firms to meet their growing business development requirements.  Corporate Ladders proven solutions include:

Step One: Research and Situation Analysis

Thoroughly review and evaluate your existing business development processes and marketing support initiatives while considering both your firm’s organizational structure and the strategic plan for growth, keeping in mind the increased competition facing professional firms and the need for all to engage in business development activities. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of our findings, highlighting areas where your exposure is greatest and identifying areas for both improvement and opportunity. 

Step Two: Program Development

Develop a program that introduces a "sales" culture into the firm by providing professionals with the personal understanding of the skills and processes it takes to do more than just service clients.  Many firms' professionals just react to clients when they can, but never seem to have (or take) the time to be the relationship manager their clients so desperately desire.  All Corporate Ladders program components are anchored on building a foundation of trust with clients and establishing value-based client relationships. Program specifics are customized to meet the needs of both the individual and the firm and will feature the elements necessary for introducing and building the business development skills for you and your staff. 

Step Three: Program Implementation

Our industry professionals will work with you to develop the best methods for delivering program components. Whether it be a group or individual setting, on or off site, we customize our delivery methods and scheduling and take care of all the details.  Our approach ensures that your participants can focus on the program to develop their behavior outside of previous “comfort zones” to maximize your firm’s business development efforts.  We also build in benchmarks and measurements to assess progress towards desired outcomes.

Step Four: Business Development Coaching

What sets Corporate Ladders apart from other business development, consulting, and training firms is our recognition that the best business plans, strategies, programs, and methods need to be successfully executed and followed through to ensure success. We go beyond plans and recommendations – we stay with you and provide professional business development coaching to guide you through the process to help meet your business development goals. Our approach helps professionals achieve success by providing ongoing guidance, support and evaluation. We work with each individual on specific areas, identified in Step One, to make sure they are confident and comfortable with what is needed to embrace the firm's marketing and business development activities.  It is important that your colleagues understand why this is a critical element for the firm’s success.


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