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build trusting relationships with clients

6 Simple Ways to Build Trusting Relationships with Clients

Our firm recently delivered an on-site business development program for a large law firm. One segment focused on ways to build trusting relationships with clients and why that is so important. During the program, we highlighted the results from a survey conducted by Miller Heiman, which showed lack of trust as the top reason why prospects don’t buy products from

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business development strategy

Six Steps to Successful Business Development Strategy

For business owners, priority #1 is expanding their business and increasing revenues. Critical to success is developing and executing a solid business development strategy.  By deploying some simple techniques, you can attract more clients, increase profitability, and form strategic partnerships. Let’s take a look at six critical steps to business development and how they work together. 1. Find Your Niche

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Maximize your business development initiatives

Maximize Your Business Development Initiatives

How would your firm survive if your largest client experienced business issues of their own and could no longer pay their bills? If they moved, closed, or changed top management and took their business elsewhere? Maximize your business development initiatives to stay stable regardless of economic conditions. Business development within professional services firms is becoming critical for continued growth as

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New horizons are always emerging in technology, where we have embarked on a journey of unprecedented consolidation of mobile, data, web, and apps. Today, these businesses are inextricably intertwined and what were once independent businesses are now fully integrated; driven by cost, technology, and customer demand. Those that have already adapted their businesses have prospered; others are still trying to

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