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Law Firms

You have always worked hard to be the best; achieving in school, earning your JD, and passing the bar. Practicing law and representing clients is what you do best but finding new clients may not be one of your strong suits. Our specialty is business development; helping attorneys find and engage new clients and secure new files from those you already have.

Business Development Training and Coaching for Legal Professionals

Retaining existing clients and attracting new clients is one of the main hurdles facing attorneys and their firms today. Corporate Ladders’ proven combination of Business Development Training and Professional Coaching provides individuals and their firms the tools necessary to identify, develop, and secure new clients to increase their revenues and build their book.

Case in Point: A New Jersey law firm closed a significant seven figure, multi-year engagement with a new client after working with the Corporate Ladders team. The firm realized a ten-fold return on their investment after retaining our services.

Law Firm Business Development Planning

Corporate Ladders begins the process by researching, reviewing, and evaluating your current business development activities and those of your firm. We then customize our program materials to match the firm’s culture, while reinforcing both the “trusted advisor” and the “sales” roles that successful attorneys need to master.

Business Coaching for Attorneys

All newly learned skills require practice and professional business development is no exception. Good results come from practicing these skills, outside support, and the effort and commitment the individual makes to their success. Corporate Ladders’ has programs for individuals, practice groups, and entire firms. Many of our programs include professional coaching sessions, which support the individual after their training workshop and engages them one on one to implement and monitor their plan. Coaching sessions often focus on the following:

  • Ways to make time available for business development.
  • Learning to embrace marketing and business development activities.
  • Why this is a critical element to career development within the firm.
  • Developing a systematic approach to selling.
  • Making the most of large group networking events.
  • Ways to bridge personal and social contacts to business-related conversations.

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